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The Home at the foot of Žampach castle                        More information

Places of cultural, natural and historical interest

The Home at the foot of Žampach castle increases local tourism with its Tourist Information Centre and Žampach Arboretum. The aim of these facilities is to create opportunity for the personal contact between the clients and their social environment.


The ruins of the Gothic Žampach castle, the Baroque Chapel of St. Bartholomew as well as the Chateau footbridge (situated in one of the three large parts of the landscaped park, which is currently registered as the part of Žampach Arboretum), are the main sights of interest for tourists.


The Žampach Arboretum is a protected cultural heritage site and is a legal member of the Union of Botanical Gardens in the Czech Republic.


Approximately 500 plants and cultivars of woody plants, which are easily identifiable through a provided information system and scenic tour, are grown and cultivated on 4 hectares of surrounding land.


The care of these historical and natural places of interest is an integral part of clients´ activities.

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                   Tourist Sights in Žampach
                       ARBORETUM ŽAMPACH

Žampach Arboretum

A large park forms the part of the chateau premises. In 2007 Žampach Arboretum became the legal member of the Union of Botanical Gardens in the Czech Republic. The Arboretum is situated at the foot of Orlické Mountains, 440m above the sea level. Rare woody species, which are dendrologicaly valued, can be found there.


Approximately 500 plants and cultivars of woody plants are grown and cultivated on the land surrounding The Home.


The information system of the Arboretum includes scenic tour (with basic information, pictures and photographs about over 100 woody plants), an introduction board, 15 double-sided boards (with the scheme of the scenic tour and nominal index) and labels with reference to the exact place of the plant and information about it. This information system can be also found on the web pages of the Arboretum.


Specialized databases of woody species are in a separated system and in the standard of the Union of Botanical Gardens in the Czech Republic. The Arboretum is also opened for research work and educational purposes. Thanks to the Tourist Information Centre, the Arboretum is opened to public the whole year long. 


We are looking forward to your visit ! 


The Location of The Home

The Czech Republic – Pardubice region

By car:

-          from Letohrad to west through Písečná village

-          from Žamberk to south through Písečná village

-          from Ústí nad Orlicí to north through Hnátnice village

-          from České Libchavy to east (junction from Ústí nad Orlicí – Vamberk direction)

By train - train stops:

Letohrad (6 km), Žamberk (5 km), Hnátnice (6 km), Ústí nad Orlicí (12 km)

Further information and enquiries about services can be addressed during personal visits or are available via the following contacts:

Contact Details

Address: Domov pod hradem Žampach

               1 Žampach

               564 01 Žamberk

               the Czech Republic

E-mail address: uspza@uspza.cz        Web pages: www.uspza.cz

Director of the institution:                   Fixed line: +420 465 635 220, Mobile phone: +420 603 878 659, Fax: +420 465 618 137

  Financial Donations

Bank connection – the number of the account for financial donations (CZK):
Sort code: 0600
Constant symbol: 308
Variable symbol: 111

       We would like to thank you for your sincere encouragement and favour and ask the anonymous donators to specify requested details into the note for addressee (in the case of bank or mail payment) or to send the details to: uspza@uspza.cz

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Touristische Ziele in Žampach