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Financial Donations Tisk článku    

Thank you for your help!  


Financial Donations

Bank connection – the number of the account for financial donations (CZK):
Sort code: 0600
Constant symbol: 308
Variable symbol: 111

       We would like to thank you for your sincere encouragement and favour and ask the anonymous donators to specify requested details into the note for addressee (in the case of bank or mail payment)

or to send the details to: uspza@uspza.cz

Contact details

Address: Domov pod hradem Žampach
                č.p.1, Žampach 
                564 01 Žamberk

               Czech Republic
E-mail address: uspza@uspza.cz
Web pages: www.uspza.cz

Phone numbers: fixed line – director of the institution: +420 465 635 220, mobile phone: +420 603 878 659, fax : +420 465 618 137

Director of the institution: PaedDr. Luděk Grätz

The Home at the foot of Žampach castle
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Information pour les dons et les sponsors


  Informationen für Spender und Sponsoren